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The Program of the Conference 2014 «Shoulder and elbow arthroscopy»

Instructional Course “ARTROFORUM PETERSBURG” In collaboration with ASTAOR and ARTROMOST

08:00-08:30 Registration of participants
08:30-08:40 Welcome Address by Prof. Rashid TIKHILOV, Chief of FGBU RNIITO by the name of R.R. Vreden, St. Petersburg
08.40-09.00 Video Address by professional athletes of St. Petersburg

Scientific Programme



Shoulder Instability – reliable surgical solutions

Moderators: Prof. Rashid TIKHILOV, Prof. Andrey KOROLEV


Surgical anatomy of the glenoid labrum and inferior glenohumeral ligament. Knotted and knotless fixation – advantages and disadvantages

Speaker: Rohit GUPTA, UK


An integrated approach to the treatment of shoulder instability

Speaker: Prof. Andrey KOROLEV, MoscowMansur ÊHASANSHYN, Moscow


New arthroscopic technique of inferior glenohumeral ligament autoplasty. Indications for Remplissage, surgical techniques, efficiency and complications.

Speaker: Roman BRZOSHKA, Poland

09:55-10:10   Discussion of presentations

Latarjet procedure for the treatment of shoulder instability

Speaker: Maarten VAN DER LIST, Naarden


Our view of the solution glenoid bone defect in the treatment of shoulder instability

Speaker: Przemyslaw LUBIATOWSKI, Poznan


Video-assisted Latarjet technique

Speaker: Oleg MILENIN, Moscow


Arthroscopic Eden procedure (free bone block) for the treatment of shoulder instability. Perspectives and results.

Speaker: Sergey DOKOLIN, St. Petersburg


Latarjet-Bristow. Our experience in patients with shoulder instability

Speaker: Alexandr VARFOLOMEEV, St.Petersburg


Clinical evaluation of shoulder joint function and stability before and after Latarjet- Bristow procedure

Speaker: Prof. Dmitrij MALANIN, Volgograd

11:20 –12:20   Discussion of presentations

Video Traslation from ArthroLab, Munich, Germany

Comments: Prof. Andrey KOROLEV, Prof. Fedor LAZKO, Moscow



Current Concepts in Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tears

Moderators: Prof. Fedor LAZKO, , Oleg MILENIN

14:30 – 14:45  

Shoulder pain and dynamic function

Speaker: Maarten VAN DER LIST, Naarden


MRI of rotator cuff tears

Speaker: Anna OVCHARENKO, St. Petersburg


Biology of rotator cuff injury – Dynamics of inflammation and destructive changes of shoulder tissue

Speaker: Vladislava KUZMINA, St. Petersburg


Possibilities of conservative treatment of partial tears and small full thickness tears. Indications for arthroscopy procedure

Speaker: Maarten VAN DER LIST, Naarden

15:20-15:35   Discussion of presentations
15:35-15:50   Speaker: Przemyslaw LUBIATOWSKIPoznan

Common arthroscopic solutions for Biceps problems

Speaker: Ivan RADYSH, Moscow


The role of the biceps in the genesis of pain in anterior art of the shoulder

Speaker: Ruslan ZAITSEV, Togliatti


Partial supraspinatus tendon tear : from conservative treatment to arthroscopic reconstruction

Speaker: Evgeniy GONCHAROV, Moscow

16:20-16:35   Discussion of presentations

Advantages of arthroscopic double-row suture bridge. Results for small and medium-sized tears

Speaker: Rohit GUPTALondon


Arthroscopic technique of Subscapularis Tendon Repair

Speaker: Bruno TOUSSAINT, Annecy


Massive Rotator Cuff Tear Reconstruction. Doble Row and Side-to-side techniques

Speaker: Maarten VAN DER LIST, Naarden


Open Rotator Cuff Repair

Speaker: Anatolij PERETYAKA, St.Petersburg


Rotator Cuff Lesions associated with contracture of the shoulder. Treatment algorithms

Speaker: Maarten VAN DER LIST, Naarden


Case-based discussion of rehabilitation protocol

A. Zoyzer, Cologne

Philip German, Cologne

M.B. Tsykunov, Moscow

N.S. Andrievska, St. Petersburg

V.V. Razumeiko, St. Petersburg


Video Translation from ArthroLab, Munich, Germany

Comments: Prof. Andrey KOROLEV, Prof. Fedor LAZKO, Moscow

20:00…   Friendly Dinner


DePuy Mitek  

Pearls Artrho-Latarjet surgical technique for the general orthopedic practice

Roman BRZOSHKA, Poland
Oleg MILENIN, Moscow

DePuy Mitek  

Rotator Cuff Reconstruction. Double Row vs. Single Row:

Advantages of Double Row Technique for Rotator Cuff Repair.

Roman BRZOSHKA, Poland
Place of Single Row Technique in the treatment of rotator cuff tears.

Sergey DOKOLIN, Russia


New arthroscopic technique of knotless fixation of inferior glenohumeral ligament – Modified Caspari technique

Sergey DOKOLIN, St. Petersburg


Advantages of using knotless anchor fixation in the treatment of injuries of the shoulder joint

Przemyslaw LUBIATOWSKI, Poland

ConMed Linvatec  

ConMed Linvatec Workshop – «Advantages of using all-suture anchors in the treatment of injuries of the shoulder joint

Igor SAMILENKO, Moscow

2nd day of the Conference


Course of lectures

Elbow arthroscopy. Diagnostics and treatment of elbow pathologies

Arthroscopic ACJ Stabilisation techniques. An evolution over 10 years

Moderators: Prof. Igor KUZNETSOV, Prof. Georgy ZHABIN

10:00-10:10   Surgical anatomy of the elbow joint
Speaker: Anton KHAPILIN, Moscow
10:10-10:25   Elbow arthroscopy techniques. Arthroscopic and surgical anatomy, portals, reconstructive possibilities
Speaker: Rohit GUPTA, London
10:25-10:40   Stiff elbow. Arthroscopic treatment and rehabilitation
Speaker: Przemyslaw LUBIATOWSKIPoland
10:40-10:50   Possibility and efficiency arthroscopic procedures in the treatment of patients with consequences of injuries and diseases of the elbow
Speaker: Marsel SALIHOV, St. Petersburg
10:50-11:00   Arthroscopic ACJ Stabilisation techniques – Acute & Chronic. An evolution over 10 years
Speaker: Rohit GUPTA, UK
11:15-11:25   Principles of rehabilitation of patients after arthroscopic shoulder
Speaker: Prof. Mikhail TSYKUNOV, Moscow
11:25-11:40   Rehabilitation treatment of shoulder joint after surgery for rotator cuff
Speaker: Przemyslaw LUBIATOWSKI, Poland
11:40-11:50   Conservative treatment and postoperative rehabilitation in patients with rotator cuff tear in “ECSTO Clinic
Speaker: Alexandr KORCHAGIN, Moscow
11:50-12:00   The possibility of rehabilitation of patients depending on the type of arthroscopic shoulder joint intervention in the Ilizarov Center
Speaker: Evgeny KARASEV, Kurgan
12:00-12:10   Our experience of postoperative shoulder joint rehabilitation
Speaker: Vladimir ARKOV, Moscow
12:10-12:20   Arthroscopic release of suprascapular nerve during rotator cuff reconstruction: technique and preliminary results. Post-operative rehabilitation
Speaker: Eduard RAHMANKULOV, Ufa
12:20-12:30   Features of professional sportsmen rehabilitation after shoulder arthroscopy, depending on kind of sport
Speaker: Grigory FEDORUK, Moscow
12:30-12:40   Features o f rehabilitation after shoulder joint surgery, depending on electromyography data
Speaker: Axel ZOYZER, , Philip HERMAN, Cologne
12:50-13:00   Functional anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder and elbow joints
Speaker: Sergey SHAPARYUK, St. Petersburg
13:00-13:10   Shoulder Pain Differential Diagnosis
Speaker: Alexey VASILKIN, St. Petersburg
13:10-13:20   Experience of Frozen Shoulder treatment
Speaker: Vladimir ZALAVIN, Chelyabinsk
13:20-13:30   Treatment of Frozen Shoulder. Experience of German Clinics
Speaker: Axel ZOYZER, , Philip HERMAN, Cologne
13:30-13:45   ÎAspects of using blocks in shoulder and elbow treatment
Speaker: Prof. Nikolay FOMIN, Saint-Petersburg
13:45-13:55   Medical supplies and physiotherapy for acute and chronic pain in shoulder and elbow joints
Speaker: Ksenia KULIBABA, St. Petersburg
13:55-14:05   Shock wave therapy in treatment of shoulder and elbow pathologies
Speaker: Êðåñòüÿíîâ Ä.Â., Dmitrij KRESTYANOV, St. Petersburg
14:05-14:15   Manual therapy in the complex of pain treatment of upper extremity
Speaker: Sergey SHAPARYUK, St. Petersburg
14:15-14:25   Physiotherapy in diseases and injuries of the shoulder joint
Speaker: Vera RAZUMEIKO, St. Petersburg
14:25-14:35   Features of patient’s education with the shoulder and elbow pathology
Speaker: Natalja ANDRIEVSKA, St. Petersburg
14:45-16:00   Complications after arthroscopic and open elbow and shoulder procedures. Anesthesia options for elbow and shoulder procedures

Moderators: Ruslan ZAITSEV, Sergey DOKOLIN

14:45-14:55   Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint – the choice anesthesiologist?
Speaker: Dmitrij ZABOLOTSKI, St. Petersburg
14:55-15:05   Complications after shoulder arthroscopy
Speaker: Alexandr AKHPASHEV, Moscow
15:05-15:15   Infectious complications after open and arthroscopic shoulder and elbow procedures
Speaker: Vasilij ARTYUKH, St. Petersburg
15:15-15:25   Treatment of shoulder injury in the polytrauma patients
Speaker: Pavel IVANOV, Moscow
15:25-15:40   Lecture of a lawyer. Unsatisfied patient: how to avoid legal problems
Speaker: Kirill RED’KO Saint PEtersburg

Kinesiology taping for chronic pain and in rehabilitation of patients after reconstructive operations on the shoulder.

Speaker: Roger E.HRENREICH, Bochum


Case-based discussion.

Kinesiology taping for treatment of multidirectional instability of the shoulder.



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