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Chairman of the Project

Dear Colleagues!

We are happy to launch this scientific/practical portal for Sports Traumatism Orthopedics and Rehabilitation. We have great hopes that our knowledge and practical exchange between the International colleagues and accurate insight into joint problems/solutions will make our patients treatment more effective.


Professor Rashid Tikhilov,
MD, PhD, Professor
Director of Vreden Russian Scientific Research Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology

The Project Coordinator

Dear Friends and Collegues!

During many years of our surgical practice we all have really become friends, while attending scientific forums in different cities of our country and abroad. I would like to welcome all young specialists and experts to actively participate in our project ArthroForum Petersburg, which was created as a source of information exchange for both doctors and patients.

I hope that together we can make it a fun and popular event!


Sergey Dokolin,
MD, PhD,
orthopedics and traumatology, arthroscopy, senior specialist at the department of Sports Traumatology and Rehabilitation of the Vreden RSRITO
ArthroForum-SPB.RU - For the Patients

The need for such portal has long been recognized due to deficit of real information for Russian speaking patients with joint injuries and diseases and lack of access to valid information about modern non-operative, conservative and low invasion joint treatment techniques, their success rate, possible complications and preventive measures. We are planning to give comprehensive answers to all of these “inconvenient” questions in different sections of this portal, based on the opinions of the most experienced Russian and International specialists.

ArthroForum-SPB.RU - For Medical Professionals

This is an easy access to different topics of your specialty in English and Russian (lectures, video materials, cases, and webinars with top professionals in the field. We are planning to provide “visit to surgeon” learning format at the lead Research Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Russia – Vreden RI of Orthopedics and Traumatology in St. Petersburg. Everyone interested will have an opportunity to sign up for cadaver workshops – courses provided by Russian and European Medical Centers and Institutes, and last but not least, annual scientific and practical conference « ArthroForum Petersburg». This Forum usually takes place during famous white nights of St. Petersburg in early summer and during “Vreden Readings” in beautiful golden autumn.




Sign up for Shoulder arthroscopy course at the Vreden RSRITO

  • Initial evaluation of patients with shoulder problems
  • Conservative treatment of shoulder joint disorders
  • Selection of patients for surgical treatment
  • Practical part: participation in arthroscopic procedures
  • Theoretical part: educational videos, seminars
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